Therapy Room Rental

Therapy Room Rental

Therapy room rental is available seven days a week on half daily or daily basis.
Rooms are suitable for psychotherapists, massage therapists, reflexologists, holistic practitioners, counsellors and those looking for a space for 1-1 work or small group sessions.

Rooms are fully furnished with therapists having the option to bring their own equipment as necessary.
Larger rooms which seat up to 50 people are available for workshops, classes or group activities.
The lower level comprises of three rooms ranging from 300 sq ft to 1000 sq ft.
The largest room which is equipped with chairs and podium can seat up to 50 people.

The upper lever consists of four therapy rooms and an open plan area of 500 sq ft.
Free parking is available adjacent to Tuam Therapy Centre.
The centre is equipped with changing rooms, toilets and shower.

Therapists availing of room rental will also be featured on :
– Tuam Therapy Centre website.
– Tuam Guide website.
– Galway Guide website.

Therapy Room Rental
Selection of room sizes suitable for any therapy business.

2000 sq ft floor with 500 sq ft room and four adjacent smaller rooms.

900 sq ft mirrored room with wooden floor with seating capacity for 50 people.

Meeting Rooms
Meeting rooms are available for one to one, or group meetings.

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Phone : 087 2941396 or 086 3543399